replacing old for new door and windows

Even windows and doors of the finest quality have a set life span and will need replacing at some point. Double-glazed windows last on average 15-20 years, although this is directly affected by how well they have been maintained, the material of the frame and the weather they have endured. Do new windows and doors add value to your home? Definitely! Choosing windows and doors to replace old worn ones can improve your comfort and save money by reducing your energy bills. They can also improve the amount of natural light your home receives and give better ventilation. So, how do you know when to buy new windows? There are seven obvious signs that will tell you it’s time for choosing new windows to replace your old existing ones.

7 signs that indicate you need new windows

  • Your windows are worn out

If your window frames are showing signs of warping or rot, this is definitely a signal that they need replacing. Wooden frames need the most maintenance, if rot has set into the wood it is extremely difficult to halt the decay process and it may be unrepairable. The worse the rot gets the worse it will affect the function of the window which may not open or close properly. Poor quality uPVC windows have a short life, they discolour and warp over time and expand in the heat. It may not be your frames that you need to worry about but rather your double-glazing that is wearing out. If your double-glazing is failing you will see water leaks, condensation, chips, cracks, holes or scratches in the glass. In addition, you will have trouble keeping your home heated. You may find that your energy bills increase.

  • Your energy bills increase

As your windows age, their efficiency will significantly decrease, which will have a noticeable impact on the heating of your home. It will become difficult to keep your home warm and you will see a significant increase in your heating bills. Your windows are losing their insulating ability and heat is escaping. To compensate you turn your heating system up. The same situation in reverse is true in the summer. The heat from outside enters your home making it warmer, so you turn your air conditioning up to compensate. You should check for gaps in the window frame and see if you feel a draught when you stand in front of the window. Older windows may be single-glazed which has a much less insulating ability compared to double-glazing. Single-paned windows are known to develop leaks as they age. Investing in double glazing will keep your house warmer, reduce noise and save you money on your heating bills.

  • energy cost are reason to choosing new windowsYour windows are difficult to open and close or do not open or close

Windows that don’t open or close are hazardous to your home and must be replaced. Your windows must open easily as they may be used as an escape if a serious fire occurs, or if there is any other reason to get out of the house. There are several reasons why a window doesn’t open, it may have been painted shut, or it may have a warped frame, this is common in uPVC windows. In hot temperatures, uPVC frames expand which causes warping, as the temperature cools they contract again, but repeated cycles of expansion and contraction can lead to the frame being the wrong size for the glass. Another cause of stuck windows is if the foundations of your home have moved, this causes the frame to no longer fit properly.

  • Your home is receiving too much noise from the outside

A significant benefit of double and triple-glazing that is found in modern windows, is that they insulate noise from outside of your home. This makes a significant difference to the quality of your life. If you can hear what is happening outside of your window, this is a clear indication that your windows need replacing.

  • Your windows allow cold draughts into your home

A significant impact of draughty windows is the increase in your energy bills. Bills can increase by as much as 25% for some homeowners. In the long run, investing in new quality windows will save you money and over time the windows will pay for themselves through the reduction in your energy bills. Draughts can occur if a window is not shutting properly if there are gaps in the window frame, or if the glass doesn’t fit properly. If the locking mechanism stops working this can lead to the window being unable to close properly. In addition to the draughts, heat can escape outside further reducing the temperature of your home. 

  • Your windows are leaking

If moisture gets in between the panes of double-glazed windows, it will cause the windows to have issues. Condensation build-up inside the windows causes the same issues. Condensation or moisture inside the windows has no solution and will begin to block the light. Condensation on the outside leads to the growth of mould. These problems commonly occur if the seals around the window have become damaged or worn out. Or, if the window has not been installed correctly. If the seals are completely gone you may end up with puddles of water on the floor by your windows. It is recommended in this situation to replace your windows.

  • Professional master at repair and installation of windows, changes rubber seal gasket in new door and windows

    Your windows are single-glazed

If your home is always cold in the winter and hot in the summer, it could be that your windows only contain a single pane of glass. This is common in older properties. Single-pane windows are far less efficient at keeping the heat in, compared to double-pane or triple-paned windows. They also do not insulate sound from outside. This is a definite sign for you to choose new windows.


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