Benefits of Smart Door Locks

phone with smart home app opens a wooden doors London

When it comes to adding benefits to the already numerous quality of aluminium doors, smart door locks are one of the new technological advancements smart homes are starting to use much more often.

Some people lose their house key and want to add extra security, whether it is for them or their family members, which is where smart looks on aluminium doors come in. Having the convenience of a remote lock, a smart device that allows your home to be secure, is something people never fail to appreciate.

Remote Management for Convenience
With smart door locks on aluminium doors you can alleviate the worry of whether you locked your door or not, as you can simply take a look on your app and activate or deactivate from that.  With certain smart door locks, you can integrate into your home security system.

This then allows you to manage your home straight from your phone or home automation system, and is particularly great on strong aluminium doors.

Know Who’s Coming In and Out
In terms of safety and monitoring your home’s comings and goings, you can use a smart door lock that actually sends you an alert to your phone when doors open and close. With some of the systems our aluminium doors accommodate even allow you to give different people their own passcodes for access to your property. Put simply, you can totally control who can use your doors for access.

Know Who’s Coming In and Out
Many people who have a sturdy aluminium door use their smart lock to pair with the ever popular smart doorbell camera, allowing a visual on who is at and using your door. With personalised passcodes for each family member, it is an ideal solution for home entry security. It can also be linked to your overall smart home operating system, with functionalities such as linking door openings to heating changes in the home.

Automate Smart Home Devices
From Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-WAVE or Wi-Fi compatibility for your smart door lock, you can use whatever system works with your smart-home technologies.