How to Choose the Best Aluminium, Wooden, or Metal Windows

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Whether they are new or replacements,  double-pane or casement windows, getting the right ones can be critical to the look of your property. Take a look at some of our tips and advice, helping customers make the best choice for their windows, every time.

Window Shopping

From creating and delivering architectural style to improving your home’s energy efficiency, or even increasing the value of your home, windows can make a huge difference to your property. This can often come down to the materials you choose.
Some aluminium windows or other metal windows can offer a modern style as well as an affordable luxury.

Other styles, such as wooden windows, can create a more classic or traditional look, so the choice really is important. Character, aesthetics, and the overall tone of the home can be dramatically altered by windows, so take time to look carefully at your options, and consider all the possible materials as you go along.

Form Meets Functionality

Casement windows can create clean, modern lines with the right material, you can also enjoy top-to-bottom ventilation, with some aluminium windows opening outwards to allow fresh air inside.

Keeping Your Cool, Keeping Things Fresh

Our floor-to-ceiling windows, be they metal, aluminium, or wooden, are specifically designed to help you enjoy a scenic view of the outdoors from your home. During the warmer months, however, the heat can be an issue, so we advise windows with low emissivity coating, an invisible metallic coating on the glass designed to reflect infrared light, keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to windows, be they aluminium, wood, or other metal material kinds, it is all about the location of your home, and which way those windows face. Some rooms, such as those on a corner of the home, get afternoon sunlight from two directions, and windows placed on adjacent walls capture refreshing cross-ventilation, so that is a critical consideration.

Clean, Current, Contemporary

Windows can help you design and create a sleek, contemporary aesthetic for your home, with the choice of window material further contributing to how sleek and contemporary they look. A popular choice, slider windows glide open smoothly and easily, giving full control for airflow, and the single pane and large width lets in an abundance of light.

Embrace the Outdoors

Windows can include a multi-slide patio door, a simple but effective way to extend your living space.

Craftsman Chic

Matching windows and patio doors create a spectacular scene; here, Prairie-style grilles add appeal and interest to a large expanse of glass.

Great Room, Great Look

The right windows can create a stunning, dramatic entrance. Be they wooden or aluminium, custom windows enhance the architecture of the home and complement high ceilings and airy rooms.

Window Wall

Some people like aluminium floor to ceiling windows that bring the outside view in, seamlessly. Craftsmanship and design can make stunning wood windows, and natural-wood windows can be stained, clear-coated, or painted to get the look you want.