Front Doors And First Impressions

Collage of colorful front wooden doors London

What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

Your front door is the first thing that visitors see and it can influence their impressions of you, before they even meet you! Having a quality front door actually can influence visitors’ impressions.

In the past and to this day, houses and other materialistic things have been status symbols and a clear indication of wealth and prosperity. So having a stylish, expensive – looking front door with expensive hardware, on your home or business premises, makes a great impression on visitors and definitely influences their judgement in a positive way.

Different Colour Give Different Impressions Of Your Home

One way your front door  influences people is by its colour, different colours evoke different emotions and give different impressions of your home and the people living in it.

  • White is a very popular colour and represents purity, it gives the impression of an ordered, clean, tidy house.
  • Blue is associated as a calming colour, we assume that the house will be relaxing and calm inside.
  • Green is also associated as a calm relaxing colour, it is also associated with wealth. Visitors will expect a calming interior but also sophisticated and wealthy.
  • Yellow is a happy colour; it evokes feelings of joy and warmth, it reminds us of the sun and summer. It gives the impression of positivity and a warm, joyful home.
  • Red is a bold colour, associated with energy and passion, red doors represent an energetic and passionate interior.
  • Black is another bold colour; it represents seriousness, formality and authority. We expect these premises to be formal, important and authoritative.

If you are looking to replace your front door, contact us at EdgePro, we have a wide choice of doors in a selection of styles, materials and colours. The most popular here are wooden front doors, so don’t hesitate to check that out!