When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Windows?

glazed wall with dark-coloured wooden windows London installed in a brick building

Winter is on its way out and spring is just around the corner, this time of year we usually take stock of our surroundings, with thoughts of spring cleaning, repair and renovations on our mind. Is this the best time to replace your windows? With spring almost here and summer fast approaching you may feel that this is the perfect time for window replacement. There are pros and cons for replacing your windows in the winter or summer months, in fact, the best time to change your windows is the time that best suits you!

During the winter

The first disadvantage when replacing windows during the winter is the fact that your home won’t be protected from the weather and the temperature inside will drop! Another disadvantage is also due to the temperature, the windows need to be sealed between the glass and the frame to prevent water penetration. The sealant may not set properly at colder temperatures. An advantage is that business is usually slow for window companies at this time of year, so you’ll easily be able to arrange an appointment and get the work completed fast, also you will feel the full benefit of your new windows at this time.

During the summer

During the summer, the warmer temperatures and mild weather won’t be a problem whilst the windows are being taken out and replaced. There are also more daylight hours which the contractors can use to install the windows quicker. The sealant will have no problem setting in the warmer temperatures. A disadvantage is that at this time of year, many people decide to get their windows replaced and window companies are very busy, so it may take a while to arrange for replacement windows to be installed.

Whatever time it is, we are able to support you in decisions and to fit everything for you. Just contact us and feel free to ask anything.